[aprssig] UI-VIEW setup

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Fri Dec 4 18:23:51 CST 2009

Shot down in flames once again

Trying to configure VK4* messaging INET <---> RF

Our load is VERY low for messages.

I suspect my question is, how do you interpret "DEST" and "RECPT" in the 

And why does it not let you specify both ?

I could add "VK4TEC*=ALL" and just handle my car, but I would like to help 


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> Andrew VK4TEC wrote...
>> I am trying to configure UI-View to go from RF to INET
>> That is no probs
> OK, but if it isn't a problem... ?
>> It is the "pass only messaging" I am having probs with.
>> I can set "VK4* = DEST"...
> I'm sure there are lots of knowledgeable users here, but you might get
> more responses on the UI-View support list, but why don't you state what
> you are trying to do? You said above "trying to configure UI-View to go
> from RF to INET"... are you trying to gate messages to local stations,
> or perhaps gate a particular station to RF? If you are just trying to
> gate messages to local stations, why message around with messages to
> VK4* stations? I can give you all kinds of suggestions on how to do
> that, but before I invest time in that, I'll await a confirmation that
> this is what you are trying to accomplish.
> You weren't trying to gate ALL message to VK4 stations to RF, were you?
> I have no idea how much messaging goes on in VK land and whether it
> would create enough traffic to inundate the RF network around you.
> Perhaps you are just trying to gate messages to local stations.
>>  but once you use up "VK4*" you can't re-use that in the UI-View list
>> Ideas ?
> What UI-View list? I kinda suspect you are just trying to gate messages
> to local stations, but perhaps you could say. Sorry, but if you ask a
> vague question, you will likely get a vague answer... or none at all.
> 73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
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