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Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Fri Dec 4 21:31:52 CST 2009

Andrew VK4TEC wrote...

> Shot down in flames once again

That is supposed to encourage anyone (including me) to help you?

> Trying to configure VK4* messaging INET <---> RF
> Our load is VERY low for messages.

There isn't a setting for gating ONLY messages in the "edit IGATE.II"
settings. The APRS Server Setup has a place where you can tell it to
gate messages to local stations, but the setting for "who is local" is
in IGATE.INI. If you decide to gate everything from all VK4 stations to
RF, it will be a lot more than just messages. Per the IGATE.INI help...

"Inet to RF - You use this section to specify callsigns/aliases that
will have traffic, besides messages to your local stations, gated from
the internet to RF. You can also use it to specify callsigns that will
never have any traffic gated. NOTE - think at least twice about what
traffic you gate to RF! If you misuse this feature, then you will make
yourself very unpopular with the local APRS community!"

Note where it says "besides messages". If you just want to gate messages
to local stations, do exactly that. If you want to gate everything from
all VK4 stations to RF and you think it's a good idea, then do
exactly that. Gating messages to local stations is enabled in the APRS
Server Setup. Determining what is local is set in IGATE.INI.

> I suspect my question is, how do you interpret "DEST" and "RECPT"
> in the igate.ini

>From the help...

DEST - gate all frames addressed to this destination address.

RECIP - gate all frames that are messages with this callsign as the
recipient (addressee).

OK, I can see now why you are asking. The destination address is like
APRS or APU25N etc. whereas RECIP is a message sent to a particular
recipient. It is the "unproto" address.

> And why does it not let you specify both?
> I could add "VK4TEC*=ALL" and just handle my car...

That would gate all frames heard from VK4TEC from all SSIDs... all
position reports, all messages, all bulletins, all WX beacons, etc.
Perhaps the following from the file IGATE.INI will help...

;G4IDE=ALL     means gate all traffic from G4IDE.
;G8MZX=NONE    means gate no traffic from G8MZX.
;G4GZL=BEACONS means gate beacons but not messages
;              from G4GZL.
;G4*=ALL       means gate all traffic from callsigns
;              starting with "G4".
;ABC*=OBJECT   means gate objects with names starting
;              with "ABC".
;SPECIAL=DEST  means gate all traffic with a destination
;              address of SPECIAL.

Obviously, if you gate all traffic from a particular callsign, there is
no point in also gating beacons and objects from that callsign.
Obviously, if you want to gate no traffic from a callsign (NONE) there's
little point in also gating e.g. beacons from that station, although the
help does point out that rules are acted on in order. So... if we stop
thinking about NONE and DEST, that leaves ALL, BEACONS and OBJECTS.
You would never use ALL in any combination with anything else, so you
would never use ALL in combination with BEACONS, and you would
never use ALL in combination with OBJECTS, and DEST is destination,
not a to or from callsign. You would never use OBJECT with ALL, NONE,

> but I would like to help others.

Do you mean like in "gate messages to local stations"?

Going back to your specific question, you would never use DEST with
RECIP as DEST is a destination (like APRS) and RECIP would be a
recipient of a message. You could have an entry for VK4TEC and VK4TEC*
but again, the rules are acted upon order.

NOTE, even if you manually edited the file IGATE.INI to enter settings
that the "GUI" won't let you enter, there would be little point. As
mentioned in the help, rules are acted upon in order. As soon as it
comes to a rule for a callsign, it stops there. It would also show
entries in the GUI the same as  the first entry in IGATE.INI, and
according to the help, it stops checking for further rules as soon as a
condition has been met. I still kinda think you just need to gate
messages to local stations, but that's
up to you to decide.

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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