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[aprssig] SKYWARN Recognition Day

Randy Love rlove31 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 15:57:44 UTC 2009

K8DTX - NWS Pontiac/White Lake MI ( Detroit Weather ) will be in the
CQSVR, if I remember to log us in. :)

The regular APRS station stays up 24/7 there, although now that I
look, it appears not to have beaconed for a while. Oh, well, one more
thing to look into when I get up there tomorrow afternoon to put up
additional HF antennas. Perfect weather for it too :)  Low- to
mid-30's and wind gusts to 25 mph, oh, and did I mention a 50% chance
of *snow* !!

Still beats last year tho.  Mid-20's with 8 inches of snow on the
ground and more falling at almost 1 in/min rate... sweet!!!


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