[aprssig] KPC9612 +

Bill Herrmann bherrman at spro.net
Sun Dec 6 01:24:52 CST 2009

At 07:46 PM 12/5/2009, Andrew Rich wrote:
>The KPC9612 manual I have talks about telemetry.

Are we talking a KPC9612+ or a KPC9612 here? Answers below assume 
that it's a 9612+. (I'm sure the answer is not supported for a 9612.)

>1. The manual talks about MYREMOTE, is that assuming you "log in" 
>and "ANALOG" to get the values from the TNC ?

Yes, that is one method of getting the values. It also works for KPC-3+ TNCs.

>2. I saw a mention of "TELEMTRY" in a command file for a KPC9612.
>Is it possible to get the KPC9612 to send "T#xxxx" style telemetry ?

Last time I checked the answer was that they had never implemented 
that piece for the KPC9612+. It is possible that they have now as it 
has been some time since I checked, but it would only be on the most 
recent versions of firmware. I haven't checked recently since I can't 
upgrade to the newest versions as they don't support my hardware.


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