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[aprssig] 30M APRS

Chris Moulding chrism at crosscountrywireless.net
Fri Dec 4 08:21:43 UTC 2009

There's plenty of 30m APRS activity in Europe.

Looking at the map this morning:


My standing noise level is S6 in a suburban environment. I agree with 
the comments on the sunspot activity. Any increase and the signal levels 
rise out of the noise.


Chris, G4HYG

Chris Moulding
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Ray Wells wrote:
> I know I'm in a different part of the world but I'm seeing 30m aprs 
> activity.
> A few days ago, apart from the usual collection of VK and ZL stations, 
> there were
> 4 x EB stations
> 1 x US station, and
> 1 x VE station.
> There's two US stations I see with considerable regularity but I can't 
> for the life of me recall the callsigns.
> In view of Stephen's comment about high noise levels, I should say 
> that standing noise here on 30m (in my rural location about 15 miles 
> from the Pacific Ocean) is usually S0. My dipole, up around 45', 
> favours America, as the opposite direction to VK5.
> Ray vk2tv
> Matthew Stennett wrote:
>> I am not hearing anything of an APRS nature on HF.
>> I HAVE received a Node signal on 10.145MHz.
>> Is anyone still ON HF APRS?
>> Matt
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