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[aprssig] Mystery packet

Sergej rttyman at ukr.net
Thu Dec 10 09:08:34 UTC 2009

Hello, Andrew.

> 09/12/09 20:20:32
> PE1JLX-7>U0UUX8,PD0OGY-2*,DB0KX-2*,RS0ISS-3,DB0HSN*,qAS,DH7JC-10:`{Tgl!
> [/`"5C}Ruud 145.400MHz VX-8E Brandweer_ 
> How come there are stars for so many callsigns ?
> I would have expected one.
> The last packet heard before IGATE ?

Think its heppend because ARISS aprs parser decide right packets
even if any RS0ISS calls appers in unproto path. But should only with
digi flag (asterics - * after call) be only true digipeated packets
got via ISS!

There is lot of that packets on ariss.net, as some peoples missed to
change their Unprotos when switch from ISS-aprs to local VHF-APRS. :-)

73, Sergej

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