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[aprssig] PCSAT

Guy Mallery wa2msu at pacbell.net
Fri Dec 11 20:12:40 UTC 2009

> From: "Andrew Rich" <vk4tec at tech-software.net>
> Message-ID: <95FD839F676D4286B0C1EB347CAEFB59 at Laptop1520>

> If PCSAT is in sun and over Australia , am I likely to hear it and use it ?


   Surely, the "trick" is the satellite must be un-eclipsed long enough
to kick over and have some (solar powered!) umph...In theory, the
shorter the data in the packet, the greater the likely-hood of success.  It really
can hear well, right to the horizon.

  There is a use agreement/condition posted on WB4APR's website,
for staying in everyone's good graces.  Google "PCSAT" and click
"I feel lucky!", too.  HI HI  


Guy - W6MSU 

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