[aprssig] APRS for road warriors...

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Dec 15 10:38:48 CST 2009

Please read this email I got from a full-time driver.
My experience on the open road is similar to his.
We can do better...  On your holiday travels, try
To make contact.  Its fun.  It's the hobby!

> I have been running your APRS system for at least 
> 6-7months, and have only made contact with only 
> two (other mobiles) monitoring APRS to date.

> What I am discovering is 1.  When I am approaching  
> -9, -2, or -15's, especially -9's, while they,  
> QSO each other, will be unresponive or they will 
> disconnect their devices entirely when I try to 
> establish friendly contact.

Comment: (Probably because most of them are 1-way trackers)
Biggest problem is that TinyTrack3's copied the Kenwood Mic-E
formatter byte and so all these TT3's appear as 2-way Kenwoods
on everyone's radio, but in fact, they are 1-way deaf-dumb-and
blind trackers.  We cannot tell the difference!  It drives us
crazy, because it appears they are ignoring incoming messages...

> When I do QSO it is mainly with those not using 
> or vaguely famaliar with the APRS.  So... why APRS?  
> I mean I personally like the concept but my experience 
> shows me that those using APRS, are only communicating 
> with the operators they know, which is a shame.  
> I find myself usually monitoring APRS or going thru 
> the list,

> While traveling, i'll see icons say 50miles away,
> I push tune, key up, no response, same icon now 
> 20, 10, 5 and passing, still no response...

My experience too.  They are either 1-way trackers, or still
have not heard about Voice Alert, or turned the volume down... 

Other things we can do is make sure that EVERY digipeater is p
utting out its local frequency Object for travelers... See

Bob, Wb4APR

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