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[aprssig] Nuvi GPS blast

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Sun Dec 13 22:14:07 UTC 2009

The 2x5 series won't display waypoints.  You can get position data out 
of it, and do messaging with a Tracker2, but that's about it.  Keep your 
fingers crossed - maybe they'll put out an FMI 2.5 update for the 2x5 


K8YS wrote:
> Hey Guys,
> My wife gave me a Nuvi 205 last Christmas. It has gotten a LOT of use over
> the last year.
> Does anyone know if/how to get way points out of it so I can interface to a
> 2m xcvr?
> On the topic of Garmin and "technical support". I had a question about a
> setup screen. I somehow got into a set up screen, ended up deleting all my
> data, and this did not make me happy.
> I emailed Garmin and asked how to get into that screen again. The "support
> engineer" (yea, right!) REFUSED to tell me, kept with the "they use that in
> the engineering department and you have no need to be there". I finally
> figured out what I had done and know now what not to press to delete/restore
> to default. But I LOST A TON OF RESPECT FOR GARMIN over that issue.
> Bob
> K8YS
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> On Sun, 13 Dec 2009, Charles Doughtie wrote:
>> My NUVI350 from the shack came with a cable but I have not yet
>> found any software - has anyone? I would like to store favorite
>> locations, selectively remove APRS locations without removing all
>> of the favorites or doing one at a time, etc. Ideas?
>   Charlie I use a prgm called EasyGPS to manage the waypoints. I think the
> 350 only stores 500 or so.... and the first band opening will fill it
> up. The prgm works well.. I just save the 25 or so I want to keep then
> erase all the waypoints with EasyGPS and reaload my fav's.

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