[aprssig] New group and wiki for the ADS-WS1

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Sat Dec 19 14:05:40 CST 2009

Now that the first beta test weather stations are shipping, I've created 
a new Yahoo group for discussion to try to avoid cluttering the other 
groups too much.  The new group is here:


Also, I created a wiki page for documentation.  It's mostly just a stub 
right now.  I'll be filling it out more in the next week.


The half dozen units I had yesterday are already sold, I'm afraid.  I've 
  got enough PCBs for another dozen, and the cases are already machined, 
but I won't have those assembled until after Christmas.

For those who got one of the first batch, the configuration program has 
been posted (see the link on the wiki) and there should be enough there 
to get you started.


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