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Frank or Barbara Rossi n3flr at bellatlantic.net
Sat Dec 19 21:22:06 CST 2009

Thank You All for the USB to Serial Converter info.
That helps a lot
N3FLR - Frank

On 12/19/2009 3:25 PM, KA7O wrote:
> Even if I don't intend to use one on a Linux box, I've had very good
> luck using those that say they'll work with Linux. Such as:
> http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=ET-800P&cpc=SCH
> Most 'Linux' supported USB to RS-232 devices use a Prolific 2303
> (PL2303) chip.
> The ones I've had problems with are the ones that say they'll only work
> with Windows - they're often more expensive as well. To a one, none of
> them used a PL2303 chip.
> At work, we've used several different brands of adapter from several
> vendors using this criteria and have had great success in programming
> many models and brands of radios.
> Not having a copy of Win 7 on hand, I've no idea if this will carry over
> to the new version of Windows or how available Win7 drivers may be.
> On 12/19/2009 12:40 PM, Frank or Barbara Rossi wrote:
>> I know this was talked about previously, but I did not pay attention.
>> Now with a Laptop with Win 7 and only USB, I need a USB to Serial
>> Converter.
>> I should have paid attention.
>> I know there was discussion about ones that worked and ones that did Not.
>> Without me looking into the archives, What is a good USB to Serial
>> Converter out there guaranteed to work ?
>> Thanks
>> N3FLR - Frank
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