[aprssig] wilderness protocol cq

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Dec 21 14:31:05 CST 2009

> ...we do not have a ... highway freq, 
> we do not have a camping freq, 
> we do not have a marine freq,  
> we do not have a emergency freq, 
> we need [these] to make our radios more fun and usefull. 

Ah, but we have APRS everywhere on 144.39 in the USA.  You can
listen with CTCSS 100 and after a minute or so, will know if
anyone (APRS) is nearby, or you can call with PL100 and if
anyone is nearby, they will hear you.

Why is this different from 146.52?  Because your APRS station is
calling "CQ" automatically every minute or two if you are
moving.  And no matter what voice channel you are playing with
with your radio, your 144.39 radio is ALWAYS on 144.39 with
speaker connected and volume up (if you are running Voice Alert)
ready for a call.

During the holiday season, with lots of folks on the road, don't
forget to join us on Voice Alert and don't be shy about making a
human contact!


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