[aprssig] Weather ?

Bill Diaz william.diaz at comcast.net
Mon Dec 21 15:49:48 CST 2009

	The 24 current watch, warning and advisory messages on the APRS-IS
are from Australia.  These include Cyclone warnings, which we do not see
from NWS.  The Australian server is using NWS-ADVIS, NWS-WATCH, and NWS-WARN
even though NWS has nothing to do with these products.  The originating call
sign as seen on APRS-IS not using NWS WFO designators, but designators for
Australian weather offices AFAIK.  Furthermore, the zones or counties in
these messages do not correspond to any of the zones or counties in the US.

	I can assure you NWS has not stopped putting out alerts.  

	The current APRS-IS weather server no longer sends Watches and
Advisories, only warnings.  A filter setting of t/n on port 14580 will
provide whatever is available on the APRS-IS, Australian or US.  There are
currently no US NWS warnings available as far as I can tell.  Nothing will
display on your US map.

Bill KC9XG

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>> What's the latest with the weather information via APRS? 
>I've not been seeing
>> watches in my local area for a little while now and wonder 
>if I've missed some
>> setting change.
>I've got my home station receiving a full feed of WX alerts (that is, I
>have a "t/n" in my filter string) and am receiving tons of WX 
>alerts --- but
>none in my local area, even when major news organizations 
>report severe weather
>alerts active from NWS.  My guess is that some NWS offices 
>have stopped putting
>their alerts out to whatever feeds APRS-IS.
>Hope that's wrong and there's another setting I can tweak to 
>start seeing them
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