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[aprssig] KA nodes?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Dec 21 16:54:12 UTC 2009

> But none of these devices  have level-4 PACKET
> capability (The-NET, NET-ROM or KA node) essential
> for level-4 packet.  
>>> Maybe we should make these digis be 
>>> KA PACKET NODE capable too?
>> KA-Nodes are a proprietary protocol 
>> only available in Kantronics TNCs.

Is this true?  I thought the KA node, and TheNET, NET-ROM were
all compatible?
Conventional packet may be "dead" in some minds, but it is still
a capability that can be used in some apps.  Can anyone
summarize the state of level-4 RF networking these days?  Some
areas are maintaining their conventional packet systems for
emergency comms and for fun...


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