[aprssig] Andorid APRS

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Wed Dec 23 12:11:20 CST 2009

Gents -

Watching this with interest.  I'm running an HTC Hero (Sprint) with Android 
1.5 (cupcake).  Looking forward to Sprint doing an Android 2.x release. 
Hopefully this will spur more bluetooth (with serial support) application 

73 - Matt

> For each platform, there are some things like mapping applications that 
> are very capable and should be used.  As software is put together for any 
> platform, it is always a great choice to be prudent in separating platform 
> dependent use from algorithmic processing.  This allows things like 
> deadpanning to be done once, and to then be able to utilize whatever map 
> "rendering" system is available.
> This is the level of working "together" I am talking about.  Programming 
> languages create separating forces, platforms that use the same 
> programming language but which have varied features create separating 
> forces.  Managing those forces and trying to unify as much effort as 
> possible is sometime hard work, but the benefits we can all enjoy.  I 
> prefer to see more benefits from my efforts, so I like to look for 
> opportunities for reuse as you suggest Chris.
> Just using a "web app" is often attractive.  But there are situations 
> where these devices can end up being stand alone, and having resident 
> software which is not dependent on a single external source of 
> data/function can be a good thing too.
> Gregg Wonderly
> Chris Kantarjiev wrote:
>> Someone mentioned fireeagle early on ... for tracker-only phone apps, I
>> would think this is the way to go - there are lots of fireeagle updaters,
>> for dealing with all the various phone platforms, but what's missing is
>> a FE app that will take updates and feed them to APRS-IS. This should
>> be pretty easy to write, but would need a server home somewhere.
>> As for an Android mapping client ... there's a mechanism for "embedding"
>> Google Maps pages into Android apps. It might be really interesting to
>> see if the APRS.FI client could be used this way, rather than trying
>> to reinvent all the good work that has been done there!
>> Remember, laziness is a virtue for programmers!
>> 73 de chris K6DBG

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