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Jeffrey Johnson ortelius at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 14:44:29 CST 2009


Looks like there is proper Bluetooth support in 2.0

and this is how you would do it with an older version.


I'm in favor of just developing against the standard bluetooth API.
So, I guess its pretty simple serial port comms from here?


On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 12:36 PM, Jason Rausch <jason at ke4nyv.com> wrote:
>> Watching this with interest.  I'm running an HTC Hero
>> (Sprint) with Android 1.5 (cupcake).  Looking forward
>> to Sprint doing an Android 2.x release. Hopefully this will
>> spur more bluetooth (with serial support) application
>> development.
> Matt,
> I am right there with you.  I have the new HTC Eris, running 1.5 and I have been told we will see an OTA upgrade to 2.0 in mid January.  Crossing my fingers for this one.
> I have been talking with Jeff offlist and I am wondering if the Bluetooth> serial adapters might be the way to go.  For those not familiar, these devices, such as the Roving Networks Firefly, can pair via bluetooth and then the OS creates a virtual comport, much like the USB>serial adapters do.  This com port can now be accessed through the OS' API and used for serial communciation ie. talking to a TNC, Kenwood, ect.
> Just an idea.
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