[aprssig] Andorid APRS

Jeffrey Johnson ortelius at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 19:02:13 CST 2009

>> . AT&T currently does not have bandwidth caps, but is
>> considering going to tiered pricing.
> Ummm Not true. My daughter has AT&T iPhone with what they call
> unlimited and they state that it IS 5 Gig per month..
> I have the Droid thru Verizon and love it. Much better than her iPhone
> and on a better network.
> Keep the Android apps coming..
> Would be happy to Alpha or Beta for developers

I believe that these caps are NOT for normal iPhone users see here.


Could be wrong, but I dont think so. I've certainly used more than 5GB
in a month and never heard anything about it. Its been indicated that
the forthcoming tethering plan will be limited to 5GB a month, but
thats not specified yet AFAIK.

While Verizon actually does have a hard cap and has enforced it.


In any case, all of this is silly ... you could fit the entire world
of map tiles down to a certain zoom level on your phone and much
higher resolution for the areas you care about, and then once a month
was up you could start over and fill your phone with maps until you
ran out of space.

http://www.offmaps.com/ is a pretty widely used app on the iPhone, and
if you wanted to fill up your phone over the 3G connection you could,
but that would be pretty silly as opposed to doing this over your home
WiFi connection.


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