[aprssig] Andorid APRS

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed Dec 23 19:57:51 CST 2009

> Exactly.   How likely are networks like ATT and T-Mobile to sell you a 
> SIM for a phone that not "theirs"?   [I'm well aware that this issue of 
> carrier "lock-in" is far less of an issue outside the U.S.]

I've bought SIMs for both AT&T and T-Mobile, for use in my own quad-band 
GSM phone.  Granted, the local T-Mobile dealer has no idea how to do 
that - they called their support number, and the rep told them it could 
be done at such-and-such a store - and as the girl repeated the store 
name back, her coworker had to remind her that that was THEIR store. 
This is the T-Mobile place right next to the Starbucks where their 
answer to everything is "that's greeeeeaaaaat...." and I've gotten "oh, 
we're out of caramel... would you like caramel instead?  Oh, wait... 
we're out of caramel..." so I figure whatever the Starbucks people are 
smoking, they're sharing with their neighbors.

So the only T-Mobile SIM I've bought, I got online.  The AT&T store was 
able to give me one, but it took about 15 minutes of paperwork for a 
prepaid card.  In Hong Kong it took 30 seconds and cost me US $9.  In 
Bangkok, it was 20 seconds and US $4.  And I was told later I got ripped 

Lock-in on the phone side IS a problem, though.  That quad-band Motorola 
was unlocked when I bought it, included in the $20 purchase price on 
eBay.  Was a better phone than my $400 Windows Mobile piece of junk by a 
long shot.


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