[aprssig] Where are my weather warnings??? -OR- Why your UINWS/UI-View32 isn't broke and the current APRS-IS wx server is working correctly.

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Fri Dec 25 10:23:49 CST 2009

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> From: David Flood
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> So, where is the website or FAQ that details how to monitor (via the
> Internet) the NWS stream and get ALL the alerts and warnings for my
> area?


> Up here in the Pacific Northwest part of the U.S. we don't have that
> many Immediate things happening but often have large scale / large area
> Watches and Warnings that I want to see when I tap my mouse or keyboard
> in the morning as I'm planning my trip to work.  Oh and when we do have
> the occasional Immediate, it's too late to react or I need to be
> somewhere else than at my keyboard by the time it comes out.
> Right now I guess I'll have to keep a web browser pointed to the NWS
> local office web page and wait for it to refresh and hope that their
> website is up to date.

Yep.  Please reread Randy's post.  APRS-IS is not a general information dissemination mechanism for government or non-government agencies when other mechanisms exist that are far more reliable and readily available (search this SIG about the "sea of blue" controversy a few years ago that led to the creation of FireNet).  While seeing all alerts and warnings show up on your Internet-connected UI-View or Xastir might look "cool" or "neat", the impact to RF channels can be severely detrimental.


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