[aprssig] Where are my weather warnings??? -OR- Why your UINWS/UI-View32 isn't broke and the current APRS-IS wx server is working correctly.

David Flood davidf4 at mindspring.com
Fri Dec 25 10:45:28 CST 2009

I guess I wasn't specific enough.  I want a FAQ or website that provides the
information to tap the stream so that I can direct that information into ANY
program that I want.

I did not need a pointer to the generic NWS website that is only usable via
a web browser.  I have that.

Oh, and reference your comment that there are other sources, especially for
Government use.  I am not asking for anyone other than myself, personal use.
www.weather.gov is ok, in and of itself, but it has to rely on someone (or a
program) taking the weather products and then converting them into HTML.  As
such it is subject to delays, down times (quite often .gov sites are offline
during Weekends and Holidays) and other issues that make it as unreliable as
cell phones have proved to be during a major emergency (not that I'm relying
on the NWS for any emergency information, at least not up here in the PNW).

Ok, enough flamage.  I guess that my request for a way for me to become
self-sufficient and not have to rely on another computer out there someplace
on the Internet wasn't welcome.  I'll go back to being a "good little ham"
and just make do with pre-packaged, pre-programmed appliances.


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> So, where is the website or FAQ that details how to monitor (via the
> Internet) the NWS stream and get ALL the alerts and warnings for my
> area?


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