[aprssig] Where are myweather warnings??? -OR- Why your UINWS/UI-View32 isn't brokeand the current APRS-IS wx server is working correctly.

Gerald Creager gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Sat Dec 26 10:21:19 CST 2009

Getting the old server up looks lost. Getting a new server up running 
the same software would still require significant code changes since the 
wayy watches and warnings are disseminated has changed.

I'm in a lot of turmoil with things at work, but trying to get something 
compatible rigged up is on my list. If someone wants to contact me 
off-list and discuss this, I'm open.

gerry n5jxs

John Johnson wrote:
> Just one question. What would it take to get the old server back up or set a
> new one up doing what the old one did?
> Thanks Merry Christmas
> John KE4TZN
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> UINWS/UI-View32 isn't brokeand the current APRS-IS wx server is working
> correctly.
> If you have a cell phone with texting package, you can get free weather 
> alerts sent to your phone from "The Weather Channel".
> They are zip code specific.
> The other thing I do with the Cell Phone, I use the RSS feed from the 
> APRS IS for my messages.
> I use a RSS reader on my computer anytime it is on.
> I set up the RSS Feed from the APRS IS on "Yahoo Alerts" to send my 
> phone a text message anytime I get a message.
> Then you set up Yahoo Alerts how often you want the messages.
> Yahoo Alerts are free and work with RSS feeds.
> If you get a lot of messages this works great, however not perfect.
> 1. It strips off who the message came from unless they sign in the text 
> part.
> 2. The last message the APRS IS gets for you is re-sent daily for about 
> a month, until the APRS-IS stops sending the RSS Feed.
> I meant to talk to someone with the APRS-IS about that.
> A fix would be if the message would expire to the RSS feed in 24 hours 
> would be great if that could be done.
> I figure my cell phone is always on my belt 24/7, and I have a unlimited 
> family texting plan with my kids texting.
> I'm only on APRS mobile about 20 minutes per day.
> I'll never miss a APRS message or weather alert this way.
> N3FLR - Frank
> On 12/25/2009 12:21 PM, Michael Stafford wrote:
>> Pete, Thank you for this information and the service you have provided.
>> I too shall dig around on www.weather.gov and see what I can figure out
>> I am interested in parsing my own wx info for private use as well. I
>> have found a pkgon sourceforge.net that is for linux that does this but
>> it is quite old. I will look at the source for it and begin comparison
>> to see what changes may be needed for the current parsing model.
>> Thanks again and 73
>> Mike Stafford
>> N0ODV
>> Pete Loveall AE5PL Lists wrote:
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>>>> From: David Flood
>>>> Sent: Friday, December 25, 2009 10:45 AM
>>>> I guess I wasn't specific enough.  I want a FAQ or website that
>>>> provides the
>>>> information to tap the stream so that I can direct that information
>>>> into ANY
>>>> program that I want.
>>> www.weather.gov web site has that information, you just have to look for
> it.  The NWS web site is where the current weather server pulls its alerts
> from.  However, it does not pull HTML.  Look at RSS and Atom feeds which do
> not require a browser.  Technology has come a long ways...
>>> 73,
>>> Pete Loveall AE5PL
>>> pete at ae5pl dot net
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