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[aprssig] TNC's for LINUX computers

Patrick winston at winston1.net
Mon Dec 28 02:41:06 UTC 2009

Under Linux, once you have the TNC connected, depending on how you 
configure it, it exists as a network device just like your Ethernet card 
(or any other network device )..  You can bind it to an IP address 
(issued to you by your local AMPR admin) and then you can ssh to it over 
the air just as you would any other network link..  Of course remember 
this can't be for business use, but for a while I had a backup link into 
my home network..


Andrew Rich wrote:
> If I were to hook up a TNC to a com port on a LINUX server, and then 
> use the
> connected light on the TNC to pass messages to the LINUX server over air,
> could I use the TNC setup to access a command prompt on a remote server ?
> Although 1200 baud Packet is slow, it makes for an easy wireless 
> solution to
> LINUX command line opeartions
> Andrew VK4TEC
> Anyone done this ?
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