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[aprssig] Dear Mr Kenwood (MicE decoding)

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Dec 28 23:49:39 UTC 2009

> Done.  Plus a little cleanup here and there...  It was designed
> to be a pretty simple manipulation of bits.  A table was never
> intended.  That was just how Ian decided to represent the
> algorithm in the spec making it appear overly complex when in
> fact, it is a very simple offset of bits.

And how would you suggest implementing the speed and altitude?  Where
speed = (1.08^x)-1 and altitude = 1.002^x?  Yeah, it's easy on a PC
where you've got floating point support and memory and CPU cycles to
burn.  Not fun on an 8-bit MCU that more often than not doesn't even
have a hardware multiplier.  Certainly not as simple as the single
QBASIC statement needed to handle it might imply.


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