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Matthew Asham/BCWNS matthewa at bcwireless.net
Thu Feb 5 10:27:22 CST 2009

Found some information about Skyhook Wireless, a company that's conducted network surveys over Canada and the United States for a
while.  With a database of ~16 million (at least) wireless access points they're able to crossreference your 802.11 bssid to the
lat/lng their survey saw your AP at.


The demo loki script (which uses Skyhook) I put up at www.bcwireless.net/foo/foo.php certainly knew where I was (a few feet from my


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> Dave Baxter wrote the following on 2009-02-05 13:02:
> > Also, most GSM cellular systems can aproximate by 
> triangulation (with 
> > signal strength, and timing) a handsets physical location 
> if needed, 
> > with no need for a GPS receiver.  The results can be 
> scarily accurate, 
> > where there are several cell sites that can "hear" the 'phone OK.
> > Something CSI had right!
> For who's interested. This is a link to a flash movie about 
> GSM mobile position methods.
> <http://www.ericsson.com/technology/positioning_methods/lbs.shtml>
> //Arno
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