[aprssig] Bob WB4APR Shows Off His "Solar Prius"

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Feb 6 21:00:53 CST 2009

> Bob,  Please tell me that is NOT a 
> Jacob's Ladder on top of your Prius!!!!

But of course.  What else am I going to do with all that energy
I am saving and not sending to the Bin Laden's. ... Actually
it’s the guts from a bug-zapper, but no matter how I adjust the
wires, the arc won't climb... It kind-of jumps around, but won't
climb.  But then it’s a small arc.   Can only jump about 1/8th
inch or less.  And I think it has a thermal cut out or
something, because it will only arc a few seconds and then long
periods of silence.

But it sure makes people at an electric car show jump when they
hear it start up.  Especially when they have their head under
their hood and have tools in their hands...

Oh, and it is only sitting up there for the show.  Normally it
sits on my desk at work to wake up sleeping students.


>> Washington 2009: modded Prius is part 
>> solar PHEV, part bed, part crazy
> -part-solar-phev-part-bed-part/

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