[aprssig] Bob WB4APR Shows Off His "Solar Prius"

Jack Spitznagel frawg at frawg.org
Fri Feb 6 21:19:21 CST 2009

Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> Robert Bruninga wrote:
>>>  Bob,  Please tell me that is NOT a 
>>> Jacob's Ladder on top of your Prius!!!!
>> But of course.  What else am I going to do with all that energy
>> I am saving and not sending to the Bin Laden's. ... Actually
>> it’s the guts from a bug-zapper, but no matter how I adjust the
>> wires, the arc won't climb... 
> And here I thought it was some sort of homebrew GPS antenna.....
Nah... it's actually Bob's homebrew ECM antenna... keeps the MD State
Troopers off his back on I-97. :-P

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