[aprssig] ARRL Executive Committee wants your laptop defined asacell phone !!

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Fri Feb 6 22:16:14 CST 2009

 I did read the whole thing and all looks fine.  I got the same comments from a few people after I DID read the entire "Stimulus" bill and quoted some stupid stuff in it too. Same for the Fair Tax bill.   Now I'll probably get bashed for actually taking the time to read it "He must have nothing else to do!..."

I was a great supporter of the ARRL.  Not anymore.
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> More ARRL bashing. It really gets old. Does anyone really read what this 
> says or do we just read a little bit out of context and then start 
> bashing the ARRL?
> It's a waste of time to explain this document to folks who won't take 
> the time to read and understand it.
> Duffy
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> k4rjj at bellsouth.net wrote:
> >  I knew there was a reason I didn't rejoin ARRL this year.  What were 
> > they thinking?!
> >
> > Ronny K4RJJ
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