[aprssig] Two WIDE digi's by the same club

Clay Melhorn n9io at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 7 02:02:47 CST 2009

Hello again everyone,

I want to thank everyone who chimed in last week when I asked how to set up the KPC3+ v9.1 tnc as a wide.  The combination of all your comments explained everything perfectly once I was able to sit down today and have time to take it all in. It's been a crazy work week.


I think I am ready to put this on the air now except for one little distinction I could use direction on.


A brief History:

Our club already has a WIDE (W9AZ-15) put on the air about 30+ miles north of us at 400 feet installed in 2001 by our former county EC who no longer lives in the state.  It was thought back then that the digi would be a great asset in the Chicago/NW Indiana area (as it is) but that it would also serve us here in Kankakee 30 miles to the south. In reality we are on the fringe of W9AZ-15  I understand it has been kept up to date by KK9H. I also have not been able to find a good e-mail address for KK9H yet.


Anyway, sorry for the tangent.

The new WIDE digi we are putting up now will be W9AZ-14 and will be on the SW side of Kankakee at 300 feet in the middle of the county where it should be.


Cutting to the chase here is my potential problem:

The current W9AZ-15 BTEXT is

;146.940-K*111111z 4109.40N/08752.27WrT107 R30m Net Mo 9pmKARS


After consulting with another board member we agree we want the W9AZ-14 BTEXT to read as

;146.940-K*111111z 4109.40N/08752.27WrT107 R30m Kankakee

1) Can (both) WIDEn digi's btext have the same repeater advertisement or should one of these be changed to advertised a different rptr?

2) If both can report the same rptr, can the two above different examples coexsist?


Logic tells be one must change but I would like the group's opinion.


BTW: Bob WB4APR, I drive an 08 Prius with a TMD700a installed using the hybrid symbol (N9IO-9).


Sorry for the bandwidth, thanks for reading.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

73' Clay Melhorn N9IO Bonfield, IL


KARS - Kankakee Area Radio Society - W9AZ http://www.w9az.com/

ARRL (Central Division) http://www.central.arrl.org/



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