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[aprssig] PMap7

Rich Garcia k4gpsc at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 14:28:45 UTC 2009

Steven, not as simple in all situations. I had the same problem several
years after installing my Pmap software YEARS ago.

I moved several times and my e-mail address changed several times, had to
replace my hard drive after a failure probably due to the moves and I am SOL
now. The only option is to upgrade Pmap software since undertow/register my
app will not give you a code for the older versions of Pmap.

Personally my take on the issue is then you are not purchasing software
anymore you are just purchasing the rights for a specific PERIOD OF TIME and
I don't like that policy. I am not asking for a new disk, I am not asking
for someone to tell me how to operate it I am just asking to use MY DISK and
MY INFORMATION that I PAID for and have been using. I don't think many
people would like their cars to shut off after 200K miles and not be
supported or bring it in for an oil change and be told "sorry no one is
allowed to work on those any more you will need to buy a new one".

I no longer use undertow programs because of this policy and will only use
UI-View on my laptop which is still functional and original. I also have
Linux in here that I need to remove but can not, I am afraid of removing the
boot manager and losing everything including UI-View. I got 1GB of HD space
left with another 20gb used up in Linux that I do not use, if and when I
remove Linux if I lose windows that will probably be the last time I use
UI-View since Pmap will need to be re-installed.


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Richard N. Piper IV wrote:
> I have changed email address and even computers and am not able to
> register PMap7 so I can't use UI-View as I would like. If anyone has
> the registration number and would be willing to help me out please
> email me off list.
> 73
> Richard N. Piper IV

1)    The registration number is DIFFFERENT for every single computer.
(It's generated by a magic manipulation of the serial numbers in your
motherboard BIOS and/or your hard disk.)    Asking someone to provide a
pirated number from another system is pointless -- it  *won't*  work.

2)    Just go the the registeryapp.com website as prompted during the
first-time run.  There appears to be no limit on the number of times you
can go through this drill of submitting the number generated by your
installation to receive your final unlock code.



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