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> I no longer use undertow programs because of this policy and will only use
> UI-View on my laptop which is still functional and original. I also have
> Linux in here that I need to remove but can not, I am afraid of removing the
> boot manager and losing everything including UI-View. I got 1GB of HD space
> left with another 20gb used up in Linux that I do not use, if and when I
> remove Linux if I lose windows that will probably be the last time I use
> UI-View since Pmap will need to be re-installed.

Hi Rich,

If you don't like the software license policy (and I'm with you on this one!), perhaps the solution is not the removal of Linux, but the use of it.  I've never seen such a restrictive license on any Linux software.  I've found very little use for Windows, and most of that can be solved with Wine.  As a last resort, run VMWare, or dual-boot as you are doing now.

Greg  KO6TH

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