[aprssig] Automatic omni DF query

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Feb 9 23:38:17 CST 2009

Yep.  Which is why I didn't worry too much about the inability to tune 
down there.

As a kid, I used to build CW IDers with my friends - just a shift 
register and a quad NAND gate.  Maybe $4 in parts.  I never understood 
why they couldn't have done that for ELTs and save a few million 
man-hours in ELT searches.  And if they'd made EPIRBs and ELTs sound 
different, it would have saved me personally at least one very long 
night driving all over a mountain range and freezing my butt off in the 
snow every few minutes to shoot another bearing...

Anyway, I haven't set up the query yet, but I do have the T2-301 
recording the RSSI for every packet received.  Right now it's just used 
to report a signal strength percentage in the waypoint comment text. 
Next step will be to add it to the ?INFO query so you can determine your 
received signal strength remotely.

That reminds me, I need to get the power level control working so it can 
automatically choose between 1 watt and 5 watts based on whether it's 
hitting a digi or not...

It also just occurred to me that with the way I've got it set up now, 
you could add another query to request a signal strength report by 
callsign, without QSY'ing.  Could be useful for tracking down screwed up 


Ray Wells wrote:
> Rick Green wrote:
>> On Mon, 9 Feb 2009, Scott Miller wrote:
>>> Before anyone asks, these particular units won't work for 121.5 - I've
>>> only been able to get them to receive as low as 127 MHz.
>>    That's a moot point anyway - I just read on another site that the 
>> government has announced the discontinuance of satellite monitoring of 
>> 121.5 and 223.0, obsoleting a huge 'fleet' of ELTs., so all the boaters, 
>> aviators, and hikers will be forced to upgrade to the new standard.
> It's a world-wide shift to 406MHz
> Ray vk2tv
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