[aprssig] [SPAM] Automatic omni DF query

Kai Gunter Brandt kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Tue Feb 10 11:04:40 CST 2009

Scott Miller skrev:
> My new T2-301 trackers are frequency-agile and can measure incoming 
> signal strength, so it occurred to me that it'd be useful to define an 
> APRS query that'd cause all capable stations to QSY their receive side 
> to the specified frequency for a second, take a reading, and then come 
> back and report what they heard in omni-DF format.
> Comments or suggestions?
> Scott
> N1VG

wow nice tool...

Is it possible to make a configuration like always receive on xxx MHz 
when signal is heard report a DF-format on 144.800MHz or whatever aprs 
frequency you are using?

Then we can use 4-5 devices like this on every mountain top and 
listening for the repeater input frequency and plot a position on where 
the user are.

If this is possible it would also be nice if you can send a command to 
the device to toggle between the mode you are describing and what i 
mentioned. You might have to send this command on the repeater 
inputfrequency but this is not a problem as it's a short burst.

Kai Gunter

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