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[aprssig] Automatic omni DF query

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue Feb 10 19:38:53 UTC 2009

> Based on the sale of theese units would you say it's possible for a UHF 
> version?

I already have the UHF radios in stock - trouble is, they have a 
different programming interface.  One of the changes I had to work out 
with the manufacturer for the VHF version was support for 5 and 6.25 kHz 
steps - this meant changing the frequency format from multiples of 12.5 
kHz (in binary) to the actual desired frequency (in BCD.)

You could drop a T2-301 board in one of the UHF units now and it'd work, 
you just wouldn't be able to set the frequency except by removing the T2 
board and hooking up a programming cable.

Once I have enough boards in stock, I'll work on adapting it to the UHF 
units - assuming I haven't already sold out of UHF radios and have new 
ones with 5/6.25 kHz tuning on the way.

FCC Part 90 and CE certification are in progress now for the VHF model, 
but I'm not making any promises on when that'll be done.


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