[aprssig] Scott's Nuvi Converter

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue Feb 10 13:44:10 CST 2009

As of about an hour ago, they're all assembled and ready to ship from 
the contract manufacturer.  I have one or two bugs in the firmware to 
track down still, but nothing major.

Got out my laptop so I could drive around and capture test data, and the 
battery died in about 5 minutes.  Went to hook it up to the inverter, 
and realized it's under the seat in my Honda - which is in the body shop 
this week after someone ran into it in the parking lot.  Now I have to 
find my other inverter, and find a stretch where I can drive a heading 
of exactly 0 degrees and then 180 degrees to see if I fixed the bug in 
my course/speed conversion.

I really wish GPS simulators were a little more affordable...


Patrick wrote:
> Scott,
> What's the status on your conversion cable for using the Nuvi's with  
> the D7/710's?
> p
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