[aprssig] UIDIGI vs UITRACE

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Feb 12 10:28:41 CST 2009

> I have my Jeep D700 set to relay my VX-8r 
> when ... I'm close to the Jeep). I do this 
> by setting the D700's UIDIGI to TEMP and the 
> vx-8r's path to TEMP,WIDE2-1. This works in 
> that I can now get my HT onto the local 
> DIGI and beyond.

But then you cannot get into any other digi when you do get in
range without having to
go into the VX-8R and change the path back and forth depending
on where you are.

> Is this the correct way to do this? I see Bob's 
> recomended settings for mobile d700's is to 
> set the UITRACE to TEMP via the serial port. 
> [and set the D700 UIDIGI command to WIDE1-1]
> [and program DIGI OFF]...
> What is the advantage of this? Thanks.

OK, several important issues here.

1) Set the path of WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 in your APRS HT and now it
will work via your Jeep or via any other digi that hears it, and
you don't have to remmember to switch paths in the HT depending
on where you are.

2) Setting UIDIGI WIDE1-1 and DIGI OFF and storing that in your
PM on the D700 assures that every day, 365 you will not be
cluttering the network as an unintentional mobile WIDE1-1.

3) Yet any time you want to leave the D700 on as a moblie digi,
you can activate the WIDE1-1 digi from the front panel by just
toggling DIGI ON.  Next time you cycle power on the jeep, then
the digi defaults to off again to protect the network.

4) Setting UITRACE to TEMP in the D700 permanently via the
serial port asures that it is always on whenever the radio is
on.  This makes your mobile always available as a mobile digi
independent of your settings, and independent of what you
remember or do not remember to do.  SO you, or anyone else that
needs to get out via your mobile can use the path of
TEMP1-1,WIDEn-N anytime, anywhere and be able to pick up a D700
mobile digi.

So the main reasons for this approach are:
A) Protection of the network from unintended mobile WIDE1-1's
B) Provision for intentionally using one's own mobile as a
WIDE1-1 from front panel
C) Provision to use ANY D700 mobile anytime, anywhere as a
TEMPn-N digi independent of that mobile operators actions.

Hope that helps.
Bob, Wb4APR

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