[aprssig] Weather station viewing online

Jack Spitznagel frawg at frawg.org
Thu Feb 12 10:39:08 CST 2009

Hi Michael,

SV2AGW's AGWTracker does exactly what you want. I use it to watch a
number of "info" parameters in the Baltimore-Washington metro areas.
Weather and realtime traffic from the MD state highway data are just two
of the nice features that are easily visualized on Google Maps. He also
has a "POI" function that is handy. AGWTracker is not freeware, but I
found it worth the registration fee. The program is pretty intuitive. I
particularly like the way that George has implemented the weather
station display... graphical and easy to read.

You can test the program without registering it. http://www.agwtracker.com/

Jack - kd4iz

Michael J. Wolthuis wrote:
> Steve, that is great and I realize a lot of ours are being processed into
> AWIPS, but we also want to provide the displays for our e-Team dispatch
> center, our RACES/ARES program, the local fire stations, etc and they do not
> have/use AWIPS.  This is actually more for them than the NWS.  Sorry, I
> didn't make that clear.  We have over 25 weather stations in our county, but
> the data is spread out over a lot of things (APRS, CWOP, local user
> webpages, etc).

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