[aprssig] Text Pagers

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Feb 12 13:53:29 CST 2009

The topic of text messaging for amateur radio using Pagers came
up last week.  Our local N3UJJ found a box of ALPHA text pagers
for 900 MHz for about $4 each if we bought the whole box. 

Question is, does anyone know how to transmit to them?  We have
900 MHz transmitters, so that is not the issue (I got some for
ATV from the early cell days)...  Just need to know the code to
transmit?  For N3UJJ, do we know if they are POCSAG pagers or
what?  I do have a KPC-9612+ that can generate POCSAG..  Or do
pagers also have passwords and so without those, we'd be stuck?

The web page of the hackers in Germany that were building an
amateur radio paging capability seems to have been abandoned,
and no further progress is being made there.

I'd be happy to buy in, if someone else has the time to figure
them out?
Maybe N3UJJ can find more specific nameplate data?


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