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[aprssig] Text Messaging Radios (a simple use)

Duane Whittingham n9ssn at arrl.net
Thu Feb 12 22:02:36 UTC 2009

Are we talking something outboard? Plugs into the speaker jack?

I would think it would be ok to make it receive aprs and decode TT.

If it had both it could decode aprs or if it hear the TT decode them directly.

I would be interested in a little device like that.


At 03:40 PM 2/12/2009, Scott Miller wrote:
If we're going to make a device that has the connections to the radio to
receive DTMF and display it on an LCD, why not just make it a text
messaging terminal and have it use APRS?


Wes Johnston, AI4PX wrote:
  I could kinda see where I could program my DTMF memories in advance...
  memory 1 would be priority 1 traffic indication (with my callsign
  embedded), mem 2 would be priority 2, etc.  Then I'd just key up and
  send DTMF memory 1 if I had hi priority traffic.  Of course teh next
  question is how long does this DTMF sequence take?  1.6 seconds at most,
  right?  16 digit dtmf memory at a speed of 10 digits per second?  It
  would take a little longer than blurting out your 3 letter suffix by
  voice, but would convey more info...... however.... if I had real
  emergency traffic, I'd still butt in and call netcontrol on voice.
  Routine and hi priority traffic... I would not mind sitting by and
  letting netcontrol get around to me.

  Someone mentioned the display time out.  How long does my code stay on
  the display of one of these radios?  What happens when it's overwritten
  by the next guy looking to pass traffic.  Seems to me that if we had a
  PIC, DTMF decoder and 20x4 LCD display, we could have a message logging
  tablet which would show 4 calls at once.... and you could scroll between
  them if too many came in at once.  Such a device could / would sort the
  calls by priority and allow netcontrol operator to erase them once he'd
  addressed that station.

  Just my thoughts.

  On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 2:18 PM, Scott Miller <scott at opentrac.org
  <mailto:scott at opentrac.org wrote:

        Yes, if this catches on, I am sure that Byonics, OpenTrack of
        HAMHUD would find it useful to add the DTMF decoder to their
        displays.  The real advantage is being able to include 100% of
        every volunteer at your event in the ability to send simple text
        data to net control.

      I'm still not following how this is going to be more useful than voice.
       Can someone shoot a quick video of this in use?


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