[aprssig] Text Messaging Radios (a simple use)

Dave Baxter Dave at emv.co.uk
Fri Feb 13 03:16:13 CST 2009

This strikes me, as though it may be "a simple use"...  But it is
anything but "simple to use".

If it's not easy, people wont do it.   Frankly, there is too much to
remember here and it is not intuitive to use, especialy when you are
already up to your knees with other work, after all, why are you there. 

If we start having to add another radio with DTMF decoders and laptops
to display and save the incoming messages at the "control" point, it
gets less and less simple, and is another posible point of failure.

Also, if the people on the ground only have one radio, you *Will* get
peep's DTMFing on the voice channel, and/or shouting on the DTMF
channel, with all the resulting confusion and blame.

Interesting though this is, for Emergency use, I think the KISS
principle needs to be applied here, and an experienced operator at the
control point.

Just my 2.5p (sixpence in old money, about 5c US)


Dave G0WBX.

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> > I'm still not following how this is going to be more useful than 
> > voice.
> Its on a separate back channel, so it can happen in parallel 
> and without having to wait for a time to jump in.
> Bob, Wb4APR

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