[aprssig] winaprs/uiview

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Fri Feb 13 11:35:14 CST 2009

Jeffrey KC8GKF wrote...

> I run both of these [WINAPRS / UI-VIEW] on two computers with one
> hooked to vhf and both tcpip linked. I am wondering has anyone noticed
> that one program brings in some stations and the other program brings
> in some stations, both do not bring in all (the same) stations or
> messages. any idea how to get them to bring in the same data, so they
> are the same.

Re the TCPIP feeds... what the server sends you depends on what filter
you are using. What you get on RF will depend on sensitivity of your
receiver, gain of antenna, directivity of antenna, height of antenna and
lots of other variables. Most of what you hear on RF will be gated to
theh APRS-IS, but not necessarily all.

You didn't say which station was using WinAPRS and which was using
UI-View. However, after some digging...

KC8GKF was using UI-View but hasn't been heard from since since Dec 21
2008 when it was connected T2MSSOURI. If it was still connected, I could
have looked at your filter.

KC8GKF-11 was using UI-View and had a TCPIP connection to T2APRSFL, but
hasn't been heard from since Jan 8 2009.

KC8GKF-12 was using UI-View but hasn't been heard from since Dec 21 2008
when it was connected to T2MSSOURI.

KC8GKF-2 (not sure what it was using, but OLPC... is that one of the
"one laptop per child" computers? Not heard from since Jan 27 2009 when
it had a connection to T2APRSWST.

KC8GKF-8 (apparently an OLPC) has a connection to T2NUENGLD. (Finally
one I can check!) It looks like it is aprs_xo 10 (one of the OLPC
laptops) and using a filter of M/300. This will ask the server to send
you data for stations within 300 km of your location, apparently
Muskegon, Michigan.

I'm not sure what KC8GKF-9 is but it is sending to a destination of
ARISS (not sure what your intentions were there... that was a 
of ARISS, not a path) with a TCPIP connection to T2APRSWST. It too is
using a filter of M/300.

So... all the stations under KC8GKF that I could find (past and present)
were using the same filter and were all at more or less the same
location except KC8GKF-9 which was bobbing around out in the lake, but 
still pretty close to the other "KC8GKF" stations. Therefore, they 
should be getting the same data via TCPIP with the exception of KC8GKF-9 
which was a bit further west out in the lake. That just leaves what you 
are seeing on RF You would have to examine them on a station by station 
basis to see if you could find some reason  why a particular station 
wasn't showing up via TCPIP. Want to name an example? Of course, from 
here, I would only be able to look at stations that made it to an IGate! 
You would have to provide all of the details on the station that you saw 
on RF but weren't getting on the TCPIP feed. I'm also assuming that you 
aren't doing anything in either of the APRS clients to exclude stations 
based on callsign, type, distance and so on.

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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