[aprssig] Kenwood <> Garmin adapter cable

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Feb 16 21:52:15 CST 2009

>> Great news!  Does this mean that 
>> these GPS's do not have NMEA output 
>> and so this interface is required 
>> to make them work with APRS radios?
> Where have you been the last 9 months???   

Well, I have probably been reading or at least scanning the hundred or so emails I see every day ... times 9 months... adds up to about 30,000 emails. 

> This has been an ongoing discussion on 
> this list for at least that long.

So when an email appears out of the blue with the only content of "They're finally finished, tested, and ready to ship!" and lists a web page, one would at least expect there to be some accompanying information about what it does as a reminder for those of us who might not be following this treat as closely as others.

The web page hints at, but does not specifically say exactly what it does and why.  So it seemed like a fair question.

You can also see this as a reminder that emails should be self-contained and have all the relevant information within them that a receipient might need when viewed in the context of just one in a hundred flying by.

Bob, Wb4APR

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