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[aprssig] emergency beacon today

Duane Whittingham n9ssn at arrl.net
Tue Feb 17 19:00:21 UTC 2009

Im glad to see someone is monitoring that, I would like to monitor as well.

What is the address again?

Also maybe in time we can get lots of people to monitor and let 
fellow hams people are monitoring it should it be needed.

Duane - N9SSN

At 12:51 PM 2/17/2009, you wrote:
>hi folks, there is another emergency beacon on the web page today, does
>anyone know if this is real or not?  ok1mx is the callsign, last heard 10
>hours ago, 148pm est local here now. want to see search:
>emergency beacons heard last 24 hours
>p.s. I have been monitoring this web page daily just in case one of these
>are real, i try to send off a msg to the call via aprs, asking what is the
>the emergency, etc. have not got any replys ever.

Amateur Radio Operator
Duane Whittingham - N9SSN
City of Chicago CERT Member
Red Cross Disaster Services Technology Member
Red Cross ECRV Certified 

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