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[aprssig] winaprs/uiview

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Tue Feb 17 21:52:42 UTC 2009

Jeffrey KC8GKF wrote...

> I am running both stations with tcpip. one with UI-View the other with
> winaprs

What callsign-ssid on each? Do they have different filters in their
TCPIP connections? Was either computer set to exclude anything? I did a
lot of digging in my previous response. It's time for you to put some
effort into it too.

> i have one (winaprs hooked up to a vhf rig) but still using tcpip.

Don't know anything about WinAPRS. However, if you enter the same filter
for the APRS connection on each computer, you should have receive the
same data on each feed... plus what you hear on RF on the one computer.
It would be unusual but possible to hear something on RF that hadn't
also made it to an IGate.

> two computers, and I can not get both programs to get all stations,
> the same stations, messages, that are on aprs-is.

Of course, you could run UI-View on one computer with a TCPIP connection
and connected to RF as well. Enable "local server" on that computer. Run
UI-View on the other computer and have it get its feed from the first
computer. Trivial.

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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