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[aprssig] Kenwood <> Garmin adapter cable

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) ldeffenb at homeside.to
Tue Feb 17 23:44:27 UTC 2009

I own the T2-135 and an Alinco and paired it with a Nuvi 350 for exactly 
that purpose.  However, I'm still working with Scott on making the 
T2-135 receive reliably.  It transmits cleanly, but reception is 
woefully inadequate. 

In the meantime, I purchased a second Nuvi 350 for street level mapping 
for an upcoming trip to Costa Rica.  Along with that, I now own a 
TinyTrak 4 which may be destined for use in my IGate (currently an ICom 
HT feeding AGEPEpro and javAPRSsrvr). The TT4 connected to the SAME 
Alinco radio (with the T2-135 removed, obvously) seems to receive 
splendidly, but the transmit level is woefully under-deviated when 
connected via the data connection.  I just received today a cable to 
hook the TT4 to the Alinco via the microphone and speaker output (talk 
about a step backwards) to see how that fairs.  I'll also now have the 
TT4 to ICOM HT cable for the IGate use.

In other words, I'm looking at any and all options of employing any and 
all equipment in any and all mix and match applications.  Capabilities 
are what matter to me and using whatever I've got in any fashion to 
accomplish failure recovery and on-demand applications is what I'm 

I guess I could just go get the 3 pin pinout from the D710 manual and 
fabricate my own 3 pin to DB9 cable since the signalling is apparently 
RS-232 probably Tx, Rx, and Gnd, but an integrated DB9 GTRANS might 
prove useful to other TT4 and other NMEA TNC units as well.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Tracking as:
KJ4ERJ-12 - AT&T Tilt via APRS-IS
KJ4ERJ-9 - Alternating TT4/T2-135 via Alinco DR-135 mobile
KJ434J-8 - Borrowed Kenwood D7 mobile as reference
Car equipped with 3 GPSs, the AT&T Tilt internal, Nuvi 350, and a 
dashboard digital speedometer with internal NMEA GPS.
A person with one GPS knows exactly where they are.  A person with three 
GPSes is never quite sure...

Tom Hayward wrote:
>> Any chance of getting a DB-9 version of this?  It'd be a sweet thing to
>> hook up to a TinyTrak4 which outputs GPWPL waypoints!
> Why limit yourself with a TinyTrak4 and GTRANS cable when you could do
> it all with a Tracker2? The Tracker2 can do Garmin FMI without a
> converter cable.
> Tom KD7LXL
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