[aprssig] gps/tnc linkup

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue Feb 17 22:34:19 CST 2009

If all the handhelds have is USB, then no, this won't work.  It's not a 
USB host.  It *would* be possible to build one - it would take a 
considerable amount of work, a larger processor, and probably an 
external power supply, though.  I have a couple of development boards on 
hand that I got to experiment with that, but I dropped it when I 
discovered that most of the current USB models do NOT do position data 
at all over USB - they just go into mass storage mode as soon as they're 


Greg D. wrote:
> I'm pretty sure that the Garmin eTrex HC series only have USB, and if I 
> recall Scott's messages, the protocol they use over USB is not NMEA.  
> So, unless his new magic cables can decode this stream from the handheld 
> units (I thought it only worked on the Nuvi-series), I think you're out 
> of luck.
> If you haven't purchased the GPS itself yet, there still are some with 
> serial interfaces.  The larger GPSMAP-60 has it, as do the original 
> eTrex (before the H-series).
> Greg  KO6TH
> p.s.  if those Magic Cables do work with the handheld units, I have an 
> eTrex Vista HCx that would be nice to connect one to...
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>  > Subject: [aprssig] gps/tnc linkup
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>  > hi folks, i have one of them gps cables i got from aea that has a 
> phono plug
>  > that suppose to plug into a gps, anyone seen a gps with a input/phono 
> plug?
>  > i have not, anyway wanting to try a garmin extrex hc series or another
>  > garmin gps that i have to a kpc3+ and wondering how the easy way to 
> do it.
>  > i know im going to have to cut some wires to the gps,s to get the 
> input and
>  > output for the device. does anyone have any ideas the best way to go?
>  > wondering why no one is selling the cable to hook the gps to tnc besides
>  > the aea phono plug unit. thanks in advance. just would like to give 
> gps/tnc
>  > aprs a try tracking a vehicle. 73 kc8gkf
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