[aprssig] gps/tnc linkup

Jon K Hellan hellan at acm.org
Wed Feb 18 02:19:36 CST 2009

Scott Miller wrote:
> I have a couple of development boards on 
> hand that I got to experiment with that, but I dropped it when I 
> discovered that most of the current USB models do NOT do position data 
> at all over USB - they just go into mass storage mode as soon as they're 
> connected.

I'm sure you already thought of this, but they *could* be like the USB wireless modems. They turn up as mass storage
containing drivers, etc when you plug them in. They become modems when software switches them over.

I'm on my second USB Etrex. I'm certain I've got position data out of them, using gpsd and the Garmin USB driver on
Linux. I'm not positive that I've tried this with the newest one, though.

Jon LA4RT, Trondheim, Norway

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