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[aprssig] MFJ Fill-In Digi setup

Clay Melhorn n9io at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 18 22:26:13 UTC 2009

Hello all,

I want to thank the group once again for your help in getting our newest WIDEn (W9AZ-14) set up correctly on the KPC3+ (v9.1) It is absolutely fantastic to have aprs come alive out here in the boonies where I live!  Nice!!!


I have been testing and playing with the system to see how we are covering.

Coverage is great but mobile coverage will be even better after the cavities get installed later this week.

We also have had our DX Cluster on the same tower for several years now on 145.53 mhz.

All are just shy of 300 feet.

Minor de-sense is suspected and was anticipated but not overwhelming at all.

Now I have yet another question to throw out there.


The W9AZ-14 WIDEn digi is centered nicely in the middle of the county.

Prevailing wx comes from the West in these parts and wx spotting is the primary intention.

I am only 10 miles west of the WIDEn and am ready to put a Wide 1-1 fill-in digi on the air at home.

Rig is an FT-2200 yaesu 50 watts, nice J-Pole side mounted on the tower at 45 feet.

I have numerous TNC's in my possession but do not necessarily intend on changing out the micro processor chip with UIdigi if I can keep from it. I will be suggesting these setup parameters you recommend to our other like situated stations around the county so we make this system nice and not a big collision fest.


Are there many of you out there serving as 1-1 fill-ins with any of these?

The MFJ-1270, MFJ-1274, MFJ-1278B or PK80 (tnc2 clones),

I would think the setup for each of these would likely be identical, right?


(((What should the tnc setup be for the MFJ's?)))


I already have a Wide1-1 on the air since August at the hospital I work for 35 miles north of here in one of our conference rooms in the emergency room.  It is a TM-D700A that was one of many purchased for Em-Comm Region 7 hospitals.

I decided it was going on the air and not collecting dust as we have many aprs users here on Joliet's east side that would enjoy this. In fact, KC9XG is 4.5 miles north of it.  I put the radio head in a locked box mounted on the wall to control unauthorized access.  I am the only ham here so it is operating under my call as N9IO-10. The Will/Grundy EMS director here doesn't totally get what I've done here but he's happy as punch to be able to say to his peers that he is making great use of it at our facility and is with the program, hi.


That setup was totally different from what I am trying to do at home so I could really use the help to get these fill-in digi's working correctly right out of the box so to speak with my good old trusty MFJ's.


As always, your help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,

Clay Melhorn N9IO Bonfield, IL

Kankakee County IL


KARS - Kankakee Area Radio Society - W9AZ http://www.w9az.com/

ARRL (Central Division) http://www.central.arrl.org/



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