[aprssig] gps/tnc linkup

Jon K Hellan hellan at acm.org
Thu Feb 19 03:15:19 CST 2009

Jon K Hellan wrote:
>> Scott Miller wrote:
>> I have a couple of development boards on hand that I got to 
>> experiment with that, but I dropped it when I discovered that most of 
>> the current USB models do NOT do position data at all over USB - they 
> just go into mass storage mode as soon as they're connected.
> I'm sure you already thought of this, but they *could* be like the USB 
> wireless modems. They turn up as mass storage
> containing drivers, etc when you plug them in. They become modems when 
> software switches them over.

According to the folks at the linux-usb mailing lists, most USB modems
switch mode when the mass storage disk is ejected. May be the GPS units also
do that.


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