[aprssig] MFJ Fill-In Digi setup

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Thu Feb 19 23:52:55 CST 2009

> 1)  You don't "send away" for the chip.  You edit the UIdigi overlay 
> text file with your personal data (callsign, coordinates, beacon 
> messages and intervals, etc), merge this (using a special UIdigi 
> utility) with the binary file containing the actual digi program, and 
> then program the modified binary file into a 27256 or 27512 eprom 
> yourself. 

I've been doing UIDIGI EPROMs for free for a while now.  My burner seems 
to be broken right now, though.  I've trashed a bunch of OTP chips 
trying to figure out what's wrong.  Once I either fix it or replace it 
I'll be shipping EPROMs again.


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