[aprssig] x1j Node ?

Phillip zl2tze at yahoo.com.au
Fri Feb 20 13:43:53 CST 2009

        Does any one know if the X1J4 net node will pass APRS data in UI 

We have 1 very remote site that is now basically off limits due to heavy
mining. Getting permission to go there is very difficult to near impossible.
They have down days when there is no person available to go there, you have
to go through several different companies and involve about 10 different
people to get there and be available at short notice.

I have looked at the docs and played with the alias to find that it will
only allow WIDE1 not WIDE1-1 .

The ironic thing about this is that there are 2 of these digis we have
Uidigi available but the restrictions out way
the effort required to get to them. if there is a possible fix that you know
of please let me know.  

They can be remote sysoped so changes can be made..


73 Phillip

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