[aprssig] send APRS message from IRLP Node

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Feb 22 08:26:07 CST 2009

> Rather than a canned message to a specific 
> callsign like in my script, a more versatile 
> one could send a message addressed to any 
> callsign-ssid based on DTMF entry.

Great work Keith.  Now this is getting interesting!  Remember, all we need to get from the user is a callsign, and then we have very valuable information that can be made into an APRS packet into to the global APRS system:

1) A callsign, date and time
2) his location (near that node)
3) His voice frequency for return call
4) His IRLP node number for return call
5) His symbol (A DTMF user on IRLP)

To the APRS system, he looks like any other APRS station and his location is shown in a list adjacent to the IRLP node on the map.

To do this, all your script needs to decode is from 6 to 10 DTMF digits that represent the user's call.  He keys that ONCE into his DTMF memory so he can send it with one key press.  You can tell us what kind of prefix character would work best so that it does not mess up any existing IRLP DTMF codes.

THe callsign coding could use the same method in those 300,000 existing (1990's) DTMF Paging radios which send it already when you press the PTT!  FOr everyone else, of course, they will have to press their DTMF memory button once to ID into the system.


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